This March 21, 2019 took place our technical day in Normandy, this one was rich in exchange !  

Let’s look back at the program for that day: 

General issue: “safety life cycle” vs. “life cycle of an industrial installation”


  • A first fundamental step: risk analysis

What the methods APR/HAZID, AMDEC, HAZOP, LOPA, C-Hazop (control command),E-Hazop (electricity), Vulnerability (cyber) Pitfalls to avoid

  • The key step between the business lines: SRS (Safety Requirements Specification)
  • The right questions to ask when implementing security:

– In the project phase during the design of security systems

– In the operating and maintenance phase of the installations in relation to safety


  • Safety management and management:

Organization and responsibility of stakeholders

Subcontracting management

Link between IEC 61511 and regulatory obligations (EDD, MMRI)

  • Synthesis and exchanges: 

Safety at the service of the availability of the production tool

The true cost of security

The contribution of new technologies

The evolution of tool-based engineering processes

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