Faced with the growing nature of cybercrime, the high vulnerability of industrial installations and the strong impacts (environmental, human and financial) that cyber-attacks can have, it becomes necessary and sometimes even mandatory (for regulatory purposes) to set up a cybersecurity policy for your industrial installations.

ISO Ingénierie supports you on the key steps of the implementation of a cybersecurity policy:

  • Definition of the security program
  • Cybersecurity risk analysis, based on an analysis of the industrial system as a whole, and not only on a computer analysis
  • Coordination of RAMS studies (IEC 61508 for industry or IEC 61513 for nuclear) with cybersecurity studies (IEC 62443 for industry and IEC 62645 & IEC 62859 for nuclear)
  • Analysis of the technical measures in response to the 7 main families of cybersecurity technical requirements
  • Definition of a business continuity policy

Cybersecurity Program – IEC 62443