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The protection of people, the environment and industrial tools is a major objective for forward-looking companies.

In a climate of technological innovation and constant change, industrial risk management is an essential condition for sustainability and development.

In this way, ISO Ingénierie prepares its customers for the challenges of tomorrow by providing them with advice, expertise and methods.


Our company’s values are based on three major principles:
Expertise and technical excellence, proximity and customer satisfaction, internal human relations.

Expertise and technical excellence is:

  • Expertise and technical excellence is:

  • Experienced engineers of high qualification

  • A permanent technical and regulatory watch

  • An internal organization dedicated to excellence (internal seminars on technical progress, participation in trade congresses, skills management and training plan)

The proximity and satisfaction of our customers is :

  • A geographical proximity by our different agencies on the territory

  • A knowledge of our customers’ businesses (engineering, operation, maintenance,…)

  • A quality system proven by our customers (management of large-scale critical projects)

Internal human relations at ISO Ingénierie is:

  • An entrepreneurial spirit shared by everyone

  • A team of men and women trained in a continuous improvement process

  • A management of the evolution of everyone’s skills



a 25 years long history

+ 25 collaborators at your service

locations near your installations

millions euros in annual turnover

+ 100 clients who trust us



Agency Aix-en-Provence

100 Rue Pierre Duhem – ZI les MILLES -13290 Aix-en-provence

 04 42 24 51 40
Fax :  04 42 24 51 49

 David MICHEL :

Agency Île de France

23 Rue Colbert – 78180 Montigny le Bretonneux

 01 61 38 37 30

Bernard LUONG :

Agency Rhône Alpes

5 Rue Abraham Bloch – 69007 Lyon

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